Level up and discover all the advantages of a connected automation ecosystem

Automation of machine tools is a common task of Machine Tool Builders (MTB). However, smooth cooperation between machine and robot cannot be taken for granted. To facilitate the work of MTBs on this issue, FANUC has built functions into CNC controllers and robots that make it easy to combine the machine and robot.

Level up your programming speed using FANUC's easy to use iHMI interface

iHMI is FANUC’s new CNC interface. It enables easy and flexible operation and maintenance of any machine tool. The webinar present available software and hardware configurations that support iHMI. You will learn about the overall concept of iHMI, which follows the philosophy of continuous improvement. The webinar also explains the associated iHMI features and highlights the potential gain by adapting iHMI interface.

Level up and simplify your shop-floor programming

G-Code Guidance is a new feature in iHMI that simplifies shop floor programming. With G-Code Guidance, you can write part programs easily for milling machines and lathes, and use standard G codes with the support of graphic menu and guidance windows, clarifying the meaning of the functions arguments. You also can program machining cycles and measurement cycles based on MANUAL GUIDE i and iHMI.

Level up and optimise the performance of FANUC motors and drives on machine tools

Recording of Webinar with focus on Servo learning oscilliation.

Level up cour CNC and safety module configuration usin PROFINET IO system

The webinar provides you with a quick introduction into the new FANUC PROFINET functions, which are based on the PROFINET Safety Board. You will get an overview about a typical PROFINET System hosted by FANUC CNCs. And you will get to know the required hardware and software components and learn the integration steps with practical configuration samples. The webinar also covers acyclic communication as well as PROFIsafe communication.

Level up your Ladder programming with Base PMC

In this webinar you will learn about our FANUC community project BasePMC, a preconfigured PMC generator that help you to setup the ladder of your machine. You will get an introduction of how to configure the BasePMC, its limitations and how to profit.

Customize CNC pages for easy usage

FANUC PICTURE provides a rich set of functions and tools to design and implement customized HMI screens for FANUC CNCs.

Ever wanted to get started or learn more about customisation using FANUC PICTURE, join our webinar designed for MTB, Dealer and End user which will be focused on:

  • Key Features of FANUC PICTURE
  • FANUC PICTURE in Standard Mode Vs iHMI Mode
  • Use and Benefits of scripting with mRuby

Improve safety thanks to integrated functions

The European machine directive requires a quality check of implemented safety functions. This “Configuration check” is specified in more detail EN 61800-5-2. However, a precise cookbook can hardly be given in general.

FANUC offer software solutions for Semi-Automatic DCS Acceptance Test: DCS Safety State Logging Tool for Semi-Automatic Safety State Check including free Safe I/O Testing, and FANUC Acceptance Test Assist Tool for Semi-Automatic DCS Safety Function Testing.

The webinar is aimed at machine manufacturers who want to perform a practice-oriented machine acceptance test regarding the safety functions used in the machine.

Improve your machine productivity with Servo Viewer

If it is the optimization of a part program or the assessment of the machine’s condition, data is key when it comes to improvement of machine productivity. SERVO Viewer enables the measurement of servo/spindle data such as position, speed, torque and more. Collected data is plotted on charts, which can be measured and compared with built in tools. Optimizing cutting condition or reducing cycle times of CNC part programs are just two of many use cases. Together with FANUC’s operation management software MT-LINKi, it is possible trigger automatic measurements that are then stored into a database. In this webinar, Yilmaz Karats will cover the functionality as well as a live demonstration of examples on how to use SERVO Viewer.

Reduce your machine startup time

The webinar provides you with an introduction to the CNC Data Management Tool, which helps you to reduce the time required for starting up a FANUC CNC. The System requirements on PC and CNC are explained. The webinar will show you the overall operation of the tool and explain the usage of a definition file.

Easy operation with new features in iHMI

Machine tools can be highly complex, making simple and intuitive operation and modification all the more important. FANUC’s latest HMI (Human Machine Interface) meets this requirement perfectly. Lately, many new features have been added to iHMI, which support the machine operator and simplify day-to-day tasks. In this iHMI webinar, Edgar Weiter explains step by step how to use iHMI to its full potential.